Nomada (nomad in Portuguese) means
“a member of a group of people who moves from one place to another rather than living in one place all of the time”. Clothes are also "nomadas" - they travel from where they were made to where they will be sold, then to their new owners life's and if they have a long life cycle, then to the next ones and so on... They travel physically and also in time.

Bazaar means 
“an open market where people sell things or any group of small shops or people selling goods”  - It was the place where our vintage adventure started and then continued: we got our own Bazaar.

Nomada Bazaar was founded by Inês Prates, a nomadic spirited curious girl. When she began to travel abroad, back in 2012, she started to curate - under her eye and taste - unique vintage clothing, bringing back her finds to Portugal and selling them at local markets.

What started with a project to financially support her travelings, became a huge passion!

The first van, hundreds of different markets in all the country, pop-ups, stalls at Summer festivals, a physical shop, and many teachings on demystifying her surroundings about the importance/turning point of buying vintage... She was entering full on vintage world, her eye was getting sharper and she was falling in love with fashion, finding beauty and authenticity in the old, the previously loved, and in the way of living from other times.

Later, back in 2018, she crossed her way with Carlos Bonasso - born in Uruguay, former art curator, lover of the sea, nomad by heart, gypsy-rocker by spirit, also a lover of the old and the unique, who enthusiastically joined the Nomada Bazaar caravan. They gathered their passions (as so their hearts).

Now, in family, they dedicate their time to finding and selecting vintage garments, bringing the nostalgia of other times under their taste, always with a hippie-gypsy-rockn’roll vibe.

They are promoters of a slow living lifestyle. Currently living in the countryside, between the Ocean and the Mountain, in Portugal, they love to get their hands dirty on the land, dance a lot, sing a lot, and feel a lot.

Outside of what is nowadays fast-fashion industry, they aim to protect the Earth contributing positively to the growth of the Vintage World - supporting the expansion of the circular-fashion movement.

✦ Today, Nomada Bazaar is more than a clothing brand: reflects a dream, a mission, a meeting point for styling - bringing authenticity and happiness to all the Nomadas out there!