᠅ F.A.Q. ᠅

Who's behind Nomada Bazaar? 
We are Inês and Carlos. A couple who loves to travel and collect pieces who fit our boho-rockers universe ✦ You can find out more about us and how Nomada Bazaar started on our story page :-)

Where does Nomada Bazaar's clothing come from?
Nomada Bazaar has been in existence since 2012 so it's been a few years of training and “having an eye” for what we want to find. We travel a lot and bring clothes from everywhere we go. Thought the years, we created a net of contacts and people worldwide who knows what we search for and help us on that :) From antique shops, different people, old clothing shops who closed, warehouse deadstocks, markets and sometimes we even get from friends and family. Always under our curation. We do not buy in quantity or in batches. Everything you see here, in any way, passed through our eye.

What’s the condition of Nomada Bazaar pieces?
As a general rule, the pieces in our website are in excellent condition. If by any change there is a fault, we always mention it on the product description and it's also on the photo. Almost all vintage pieces are pre-loved, so they may show some signs of time due to their unique nature. When buying, we ask you to have in mind that each piece has its own past ♡

The clothes come clean?
Definitely! All clothes from Nomada Bazaar are previously washed and steam ironed (except the wrinkled ones, which are deliberately not ironed) as well as fixed in case there are any flaws, buttons, loose threads, etc…

How do you assign prices?
The final price has to cover all our base costs like: transport to our warehouse, purchase price, repairs if necessary, cleaning the item, etc. In addition to these aspects, we consider the rarity of the piece, it’s year of manufacture, it's originality, whether it is handmade or by a designer/fashion designer, and of course, it’s condition. More and more, we have a HUGE job to find what we consider to be “the best of vintage” we search for clothes with groovy patterns unique textiles and authenticity!

Unfortunately, we are used to fashion industry despises the quality of its materials, leading the consumer to easily pay less (well, often not so little) for something banal, without quality, with a short lifespan. We believe it’s is better to pay a fair price for something that can be passed on to the next generation; mainly made from quality materials such as cotton, silk, linen, wool, and priceless: something you would not see everyone wearing.

Vintage and Pre-Loved: What do they mean?
Everything that was manufactured in a period prior to the year 2000 (exclusive) it’s considered vintage. Clothes that have an old model/design (“imitating vintage”) but are post year 2000 are called Retro. Vintage can be pre-loved (second-hand/used) or it can be new, like deadstocks from shops/factories that close and were never sold to the public. When we use the term Vintage, we respect these definitions. In case it’s from nowadays, we only use the term pre-loved.

Vintage sizes, help!
How to understand the sizes of other times? In all descriptions we write the size that is described in the piece (when it is noticeable) however, as many measurements are different from those of today, we also indicate “fits best to” in the current metric: XS,S,M,L,XL

How to know if the shirts are female or male and their sizes?
Men's or women's shirts? We wear what we like, but in reality there is a physical difference to distinguish them: the buttons for men's clothing are on the right side and for women's on the left. This is important to know to take the size into account! An L for Woman is not the same as an L for Man! In this way, in the description of each product, we indicate whether the buttons are on the left or right, leaving the choice of shirt free of being categorized as Men's or Women's.

Do you do returns? And exchanges?
We make returns in the form of vouchers to be discounted/used on the site.
We do not carry out exchanges. All detailed information is described in SHIPPING & RETURNS. We suggest that you read it before purchasing any piece from our site.

How can I get in touch for partnerships?
Via email shop@nomadabazaar.com or text us on Instagram page.